About KidsKonnect

KidsKonnect was founded by elementary school teacher Jan Belzer in 1999 as a way to provide kids with a portal to find facts and information on the curriculum areas taught in school, whilst making sure the children were safe online.

Today KidsKonnect has grown to over 500 pages, offering free learning, fact files and worksheets to millions of kids, parents and teachers every single month - and the site is growing faster than ever.

In 1999, I began creating portal pages for the kids in the elementary school where I taught. After a year, it became clear that the pages should be located on the Internet instead of our local network. By doing this, all kids could use KidsKonnect!

I’ve had four main goals while creating this site:

  • First, to create a site that allowed children to safely and effectively utilize the Internet.
  • Second, to make sure I covered the curriculum areas taught in school.
  • Third, to make sure there were lots of fun sites for kids to visit.
  • Finally, to keep the site free so that all children could use it.

In 2007, I reached another milestone in my life. After 35 years in public education, I retired!!!!!

Today, KidsKonnect has grown to over 427 pages! Additional pages will continually be added, now that I will have a lot more time!!!

Jan Belzer – 2007

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