Physics Facts

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  • Physics is the study of matter and energy and how they interact with each other.
  • The energy can take the form of gravity, motion, light, electricity, radiation and many others.
  • The energy that is dealt with in physics can range from sub-atomic particles to galaxies.
  • Physics is an experimental science. The scientific method is used to form and test hypotheses (an educated guess or possible explanation) of observations in the natural world.
  • All the matter that makes up the human race could fit in a sugar cube, because atoms are 99.9999999999999 % empty space.
  • The lowest energy state of a atom is called the ground state.
  • Sunlight exerts pressure, or solar radiation pressure.
  • The mass of our entire atmosphere is estimated to be some 5.5 quadrillion tons (55 followed by 14 zeros).
  • Many physicists believe wormholes (a “shortcut” through space and time) exist all around us but they are smaller than atoms.
  • Some of the main physics formulas deal with 1D motion, 2D & 3D motion, the laws of motion, work energy, power, circular motion, gravitation, the properties of matter and electricity.