Arizona Facts

Arizona Facts
Arizona is a state in the southwestern region of the United States. It is also part of the Western United States and of the Mountain West states. It is the sixth largest and the 15th most populated of the 50 states. See the fact file below for more information about Arizona.
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Became a State
February 14, 1912 (48th)

southwestern United States

114,006 sq. miles (6th)

5,130,632 (20th)

Major Cities
Phoenix, Scotsdale, Sedona, Tempe, Tucson, Prescott, Yuma, Flagstaff

cotton, copper mining, cattle, citrus, climate and tourism

mostly desert, with hot summers and cool winters

Yearly Precipitation
averages 12.7 inches

Professional Sports Teams
Arizona Cardinals (National Football League)
Arizona Diamondbacks (Major League Baseball)
Arizona Sting (National Lacrosse League)
Phoenix Coyotes (National Ice Hockey League)
Phoenix Suns (National Basketball Association)

Major Waterways
Colorado River, Gila River, Salt River

Most Famous Citizens
Sandra Day O’Connor (Supreme Court Justice)
Dennis DeConcini (senator)
Joe Arpaio (sheriff)
John Kyl (senator)
John McCain (senator)
Barry Goldwater (senator)
Zane Grey (author)
Frank Lloyd Wright (architect)
Steven Spielberg (director/producer)
David Spade (comedian)
Linda Carter (actress)
Cesar Chavez (labor leader)

State Symbols
Bird – Cactus Wren
Flower – Saguara Blossom
Animal – Ringtail
Tree – Palo Verde
Reptile – Ridgenose Rattlesnake