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Hedgehog Facts

Hedgehog Facts

There are seventeen different species of hedgehog found in Europe, Asia, Africa and New Zealand where they were introduced. There are no hedgehogs native to Australia,…

Dinosaur Facts

Dinosaur facts and information

Dinosaurs walked the earth for over 165 million years. They lived during a period of time known as the Mesozoic Era, or Age of Reptiles….

Fish Facts

Fish Facts & Information

A fish is an animal which lives and breathes in water. All fish are vertebrates (have a backbone) and most breathe through gills and have…

Whale Facts

Whale facts and information

Whales are mammals, so they feed milk to their babies and breathe air. Since whales are not fish they do not have gills, so they…

Eel Facts

Eel facts and information

There are over 400 species of eel. Eels live in both saltwater and fresh water. Even though the eel looks like a snake it is…

Grizzly Bear Facts

Grizzly Bear facts and information

Grizzly bears are powerful animals that can be found in certain areas of Canada and the United States. Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Washington are…

Butterfly Facts

Butterfly facts and information

Butterflies are insects, but large scaly wings set them apart. These wings allow them to fly but only when their body temperature is above 86…

Turtle Facts

Turtle facts and information

A group of turtles is called a bale. Historically, turtles have been the symbols of patience and wisdom. In the Hawaiian the word “honu” means…

Lizard Facts

Lizard facts and information

Lizards are small cold-blooded reptiles that have a long tail, eyelids, and usually have four legs with five toes on each foot (a group of…

Cat Facts

Animal Facts

Cats are felines and the ones that have been domesticated are known as house cats. They are carnivores that are skilled hunters and are known…

Ostrich Facts

Ostrich facts and information

Ostrich skeletons and fossils have been found which date back over 120 million years which makes it a true dinosaur. There are three main species…

Cow Facts

Cow facts and information

Cows are ruminants, which are cud chewing mammals. Camels and sheep also are also classified a ruminants. Cows produce most of the milk that people…