Johann Sebastian Bach Facts

Johann Sebastian Bach Facts
Johann Sebastian Bach was a German composer and musician of the Baroque period who is known to have written at least 1,000 compositions over his lifetime. He enriched established German styles and applied rhythyms from Italy and France to create his unique composition. For more information and Bach facts, see the list below.
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Johann Sebastian Back

Date of Birth
March 31, 1685

Date of Death
July 28, 1750 at the age of 65

Place of Birth
Eisenach, Saxe-Eisenach

Birth Family
Johann Ambrosius Bach was his father and Maria Elisabeth Lammerhirt was his mother

Married Maria Barbara Bach, his second cousin
In 1720, his wife, Maria, died suddenly
The following year, he married Anna Magdalena Wilcke

Seven children, four of whom survived to adulthood
Two of them – Wilhelm Friedemann Bach and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, became composers
Bach and Anna Magdalena Wilcke had 13 children, six of whom survived into adulthood: Gottfried Heinrich, Johann Christoph Friedrich and Johann Christian, all of whom became significant musicians; Elisabeth Juliana Friederica; Johanna Carolina; and Regina Susanna

St. Michael’s School in Luneburg

German composer, organist, violist, violinist

Reason for Fame
There are over 1000 known compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach. They include cantatas, chorales, songs and arias, motets, liturgical works, passions and oratorios

Additional Information

  • His work is revered for their intellectual depth, technical command and artistic beauty
  • Bach is regarded as the supreme composer of the Baroque, and as one of the greatest of all time