Cat Facts

Animal Facts
Cats are highly intelligent creatures that have been associated with humans for over 9,500 years. They are carnivores and extremely skilled hunters - they are known to hunt over 1,000 different species of animal. Keep reading for more information and facts about cats.
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  • Cats are felines and the ones that have been domesticated are known as house cats.
  • They are carnivores that are skilled hunters and are known to hunt over 1,000 species for food.
  • They have been associated with humans for at least 9,500 years.
  • Cats are intelligent animals.
  • Cats communicate by meowing, purring, hissing, growling, squeaking, chiring, clicking, and grunting.
  • Cats weigh from 5.5 to 16 pounds.
  • The hobby of breeding and showing cats is called “Cat Fancy.”
  • Domestic cats, especially young kittens, are known for their love of play.
  • Cats can have three to five kittens in each litter.
  • Cats are known for their cleanliness and grooming themselves by licking their fur.