Algebra Facts

Algebra Facts

Algebra is a part of mathematics, often called math in the United States and maths in the United Kingdom. It uses variables to represent a value that is not yet known. When an equals sign (=) is used, this is called an equation. A very simple equation using a variable is: 2 + 3 = x In this example, x = 5, or it could also be said, "x is five". This is called solving for x. See below for more information and facts about algebra.

Algebra is a branch of mathematics concerning the study of structure, relation and quantity. Learning algebra is a little like learning another language. By learning the simple language of algebra, mathematical models of real-world situations can be created and solved. These problems can’t be solved by only using arithmetic. Instead of using words, algebra uses symbols to make statements.

In algebra, letters are often used to represent numbers. Algebra also uses the same symbols as arithmetic for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

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